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A beautiful house is a pride; a shipshape workplace is an impression. Everybody aspire to keep their home and workplace tantamount to their lifestyle. But the most unexpected that can delude them are the Pests.

Armour brings to you the top-notch, comprehensive pest control services, with professional solutions, to make your space as clean as the paramount. Thus creating a pest-free and hygienic environment.

Residential Pest
Pests dither the health conditions of the family. It becomes very important to endorse the hygiene measures at home to ensure healthy and blithesome life. If there are infants and children at home, hygiene becomes a priority measure.
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Commercial Pest
Commercial places have a higher grade of responsibilities to maintain an aseptic ambiance to comfort their reputation. It is also necessary to safeguard the belongings, which frame the biggest asset to any commercial operations.
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General Pest Management programme
Our service offerings
•   Rodents
•   Cockroaches
•   Flies
•   Mosquitoes
•   Ants
•   Bird Control
•   Other pests
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