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Pre and post construction anti-Termite Treatment
Termite Control is the first step to take if you are planning to build a house or commercial building. ARMOUR uses highly advanced techniques for treating the termite infestation.

Creating a treated zone before the construction even begins, safeguards the building from
future termite infestations.

A direct injection of liquid pesticide is applied to eradicate termites completely from your premises. The different stages of our treatment include:
The sides and bottom surface of the foundation trenches and pits are treated with chemicals to an appropriate height.Sides of all built-up walls that are in direct contact with the foundation, are also treated with chemicals. The chemicals are directed towards the masonry surfaces so that earth in contact with these surfaces is well treated with the chemical. Before laying the floor, the top surface is also treated with chemicals We also advise builders to take appropriate care during constructionto avoid creating
untreated gaps later.
Bed Bugs
ARMOUR is equipped to deal with a wide range of pest conditions. We specialize in treatments that eradicate bed bugs. We use the most appropriate method for a given situation and ensure that our customers enjoy a clean, healthy and pest-free environment. Pests such as bed bugs, wasps, bees, millipedes, snakes, spiders, and fleas are dealt with by a combination of effective treatments such as spraying, sealing of entry points, misting, and pheromone traps.
Rodent Control
The treatment is bifurcated into chemical control and trapping solutions, that would eradicate the present rodents, and also avoid the rebirth or re-entering of the rodents.
The slow action poison and rodenticides are utilized to excavate and kill the rodents.
Rodent hideaways are sprinkled with rodenicidal-dust, to avoid the revisits of the rodents.
Bait stations and special glue traps installation, to monitor and avoid the rodents’ intruding from outside.
One such insect which gets highly adapted to pesticide treatments is cockroach. They are very rapid breeders and need special, frequent actions, to be controlled. We use odorless and safe chemical solutions that are ineffective on environment and human lives.
The gel baits are placed at premeditated points, to trap the cockroaches. The baits are durable, effectively lasting for about three months.
Surface spraying follows, to make the suspected areas highly effective on the cockroaches. However, unlike the conventional surface spraying, the use of gel baits ensure only precautionary surface spraying.
If the situation is worse, we treat the place with few more pesticides of advanced power.
One of the major reasons for the contamination to spread is “Flies”. We follow three-level treatment to combat flies.
Fly Baits that contain pheromones are placed at various strategic locations, which can attract flies at 15 feet distance, enabling maximum reach. They are usually placed in tamper resistant stations, trash containers, dumpsters and doors.
The indoor spray treatment, like Solfac WP, are used to control indoor situates, especially the unhygienic and breeding areas.
The UV light enabled fly traps are one of the safest treatments and wide spread with user-friendly features.
Mosquitoes Control
Fogging and larviciding effectively rid the infested areas of adult mosquitoes and sanitize breeding grounds. In addition, residual chemicals applied to walls also help in controlling mosquitoes. Fogging works well for townships, areas around five-star hotels, industries and stadiums. This is done usually in the evenings when mosquitoes are in the swarming stage. Chemicals used for this treatment are not harmful and are public health insecticides.
Ants not just spoil the food, but also dig out the sand from the foundation or walls, making the area weak. They are treated with surface spraying, and sometimes with special chemicals to avoid their recurrence.
Bird Control
Birds like pigeon, sparrow and dove transfer infectious bacteria through their feet, wings, droppings, food, nest and SPI. Some birds being in the verge of extinction, it is very important to treat them, but harmlessly.
Clean and treat the nesting areas of the birds, regularly, as they tend to nest at the place where they had nested earlier.
We also use electrical pulse, gels, scare away and sensor alerts to control the birds.
Other Pests
We also treat for the avoidance of other pests like bees, bugs, crawls wasps and snakes. Few common treatment measures used are spraying, misting, pheromone trap baits and safeguarding the open & entry points.
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