Commercial Properties
We understand that pests not only pose health hazards but are also detrimental to customer satisfaction and hence business competitiveness. Businesses in healthcare, hospitality, food and nutrition are particularly vulnerable to pests.
ARMOUR uses the latest, eco-friendly treatment mechanisms to help alleviate the pest menace. Based on the severity and demands of the situation, ARMOUR employs a multi-pronged approach to help you overcome the pest menace in your immediate environment. We ensure that safe but effective insecticide/pesticides are used at all times to help you
Retain the goodwill of your customers
Avoid wastage due to infestation
Avoid contamination
Arrest spreading of diseases
All our treatments can be followed up with regular back-up services so the problem does not recur. ARMOUR also recommends simple precautionary steps that your staff can follow to keep your workplace pest-free.
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