About Us
ARMOUR PEST CONTROL (INDIA) PVT. LTD., is a professional “pest control” service provider. Its global standard solutions are adequate, eco-friendly and low-cost, provisioning to home and workplace; indoor and outdoor; India and abroad.

Armour was born out of innovation. Hence, with decades of experience too, it continues to introduce advanced pest control conceptions, through continual R&D performances. The highly experienced and updated technical team is among the bests in the field. The international class technology and equipments adopted are progressive and the latest in the industry.

With Head office in Dubai, UAE, we are based in India at Bengaluru, with plans to open branches at all the metro cities.

Expecting the highest co-operation and support against the alliance, we present to you Armour Pest Control professionalism.
Armour Pest Control (Pvt.) Ltd. mission is to provide Humane, Effective, Discrete and Guaranteed Pest Control Solutions to promote Health, Safety and General Welfare of our customers in particular and the society at large.
Armour Pest Control will strive to be regarded by both customers and employees with appreciation for being trustworthy and able to solve problems. Armour will effectively service its customers and society at large.
Our Core Values
Honesty, Trust and Respect
This is what the customer expects from us and what the people within the company want from each other. We accomplish this through performance and by example.
Do the right thing when no one is watching.
We are accountable to the customer, to our peers and to the society we are a part of.
Professionalism and Attitude
Uphold professionalism always and courteous attitude at any cost.
Quality Performance
Do it right the first time, on time, every time.
Customer Satisfaction
We are here to solve problems. It is customer’s right to be satisfied.
Personal and Professional Success
We are committed to each individual's personal and professional success.
Our Services
We follow a systematic procedure to ensure quality work delivery and efficient product commitment. Our field staff will analyze the onsite situation, and provide verbal and written recommendations, which if followed will result in long lasting effect of our treatments.

Our Pest Control treatments should be regularly consummated, to avoid the recurrence of the pest problems.
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